CUOnline Podcast Interview

I had the honor and privilege of being the first guest on a new podcast about educational technology by the folks at CU Online. They had me on to discuss interesting applications of education technology in the anatomical sciences. Here is a link to the episode webpage that has tons of supplemental information. In case […]

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My First Use of the Canvas LMS for Human Anatomy

Overview I just finished co-teaching three anatomy courses over an 11 week long summer term. Four weeks before the term began in June, it was decided our anatomy courses would use the newly adopted campus Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. We previous used Blackboard. Here are my experiences with this new system. Gradebook For […]

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Psycology of Social Networking

Sarah Wenger sent me her latest infographic on social media. Have a look below, but here are my thoughts from the piece: I read in a report by Nielsen that 66% of US adults online have ¬†social network accounts, this graphic reports 90%! This graphic supports other work showing that social media is the #1 […]

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Using the Lytro Camera for Anatomy Education

I knew the Lytro camera was special when I first saw it. Like most things, my mind immediately asked “how can this tool be put to use in anatomy education?” I partnered with Lisa Lee here at CU Denver on a project that will ask this very question. We received a small grant in the […]

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No Regrets Parenting


Your life is the sum of the choices you make. Harley Rotbart spoke at Children’s Hospital today about making the most of the time you have with your kids. I loved this talk because it really addressed many misnomers about parenting. Like quality time. Harley argues that making the most of time during the week […]

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Technology Invades the Classroom

I continue to get emails from developers of infographics on topics that would fit well on my website, how neat! Here is link to the previous graphic discussing Wikipedia. The graphic below contains a lot of good stats about technology in the classroom for the K-12 years, but I am more interested in the information […]

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My Memories of Grandpa Pascoe (1919-2012)

My paternal Grandpa passed away this past Sunday, April 15. These are, and will be, my lasting memories of him as my Grandpa. He was a man of faith. It eases the loss of a loved one know where they stand with God. Grandpa was an excellent role model in his faith. He always lead […]

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Thoughts on Wikipedia


Jen Rhee shared the following info graphic with me because she “came¬†across [my] site and saw that [I] had talked about education technology.” That is cool. I love educational technology and I love Wikipedia. I am hoping to contribute more to WikiProject Anatomy this year. Also check out Physiopedia, the wiki for physical therapists. Let […]

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